Dom Bradley – Athlete Focus

Dom BradleyWhy do you love wrestling? I love wrestling because it’s an individual sport and I can blame no one but myself. Wrestling is a sport where you can be as good as you want to be if you put in the hard work and smart training.

What are 3 things every wrestler can focus on for improvement? One thing that is huge in improvement in wrestling is your mindset. Everyone has days that they don’t want to practice or workout but those are the days that you improve. Also being able to accept criticism (good or bad) can help so much when trying to be the best. Confidence is also important for improvement – Believe in what your coaches tell you.

Who trained you or influenced you? My Father would be my influence – he got me into wrestling when I was younger because he wrestled in high school for a bit and thought it would help me since I was a little chubby kid. I am currently train at the Missouri Regional Training Center now under World Champion and Sunkist Head Coach Sammie Henson.

Outside of wrestling, what can people do to improve? One thing that I think can help you improve outside of wrestling is to have fun. Wrestling is a very demanding and disciplined sport so when you have time off, enjoy it. Off time is very important for your mind and body so when coming off that break you feel like a new person.

What does your cross-training, nutrition, mindset look like? Cross-training for me is one of the most important things that I need to be the best. Wrestling at heavyweight means that I need a lot of strength to move bigger wrestlers around. I also need to be able to move very well and stay in great shape since I do heavy lifting. Nutrition is something that is huge in wrestling, so I try to eat healthy as much as possible when training.

What are the biggest mistakes and myths you see in wrestlers trying to improve? Hard work is great and is very much needed, but I think training with a purpose is needed. Everyone thinks that if you work hard all the time that you should win, but when have a purpose or goal that your trying to obtain it makes working hard easy.

What is your next big challenge? The biggest challenge that I have coming up is getting back into the swing of competing again. I have not wrestled in a tournament since April 19th and I am excited to make the come back and pick up where I left off.

Thanks to Dom for taking the time to share his thoughts and advice with us. If you’re a fan of Dom’s, make sure to check out this shirt