Max Nowry – Athlete Focus

This week’s Athlete Focus is on Max Nowry – find him on Twitter @MaxNowry55Kg,  keep reading to find out what Max had to say.

Why do you love wrestling? I love wrestling because it helped mold the person I am today. The sport has helped me to learn how to work hard, be independent, and be accountable for everything I do. Max Nowry

What are 3 things every wrestler can focus on for improvement? 3 things that that every wrestler can focus on for improvement is their muscular endurance and strength, cardio, and most importantly their technique.

Who trained you or influenced you? I’ve been very fortunate enough to have many great coaches during my career such as Sean Bormet, Willie Madison, Mike Powell, Bryan Medlin, Dennis Hall, Aghasi Manukyan, Ivan Ivanov, Jim Gruenwald, Ike Anderson and Rob Hermann.  Every one of them has not just helped me become better in wrestling, but with other aspects of life and have taught me life lessons that I will always be able to keep with myself and hopefully pass down to future wrestlers.

Outside of wrestling, what can people do to improve? Outside of wrestling people can do a lot of creative things to help them improve like balancing on a curb while they’re walking to work on their balance, carry around a ball or something to squeeze throughout the day to improve their grip, as well as running, biking or walking places instead of going by car.

What are the biggest mistakes and myths you see in wrestlers trying to improve? The biggest mistakes I can think of is people buying into the “need” of all of these new supplements and equipment products that aren’t necessary with the belief that if they take or do these things they see being advertised then they will automatically improve.

What is your next big challenge? My next big challenge is coming back to wrestling after away from the sport for 5 months being at Basic Training and AIT to wrestle for the Army’s World Class Athlete Program.


A big thanks to Max for taking the time while on leave to answer these questions for us! If you’re a fan of Max, make sure to check out this shirt!